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Agent-ltl on Hellgate London

Hellgate London

Hellgate London

This is one of the best games I have played, even I got tired of the maps, that looked to much the same

But said that, the game did offer FPS player's at real option for monster hunt game, as no other game has

and if there had been more maps and quests for the game, it would had been a game life time long game as Unreal Torunament, that have lasted for 10 years now

Since maps and quests offen is the most easy to add the game, I'm sure, if those who developed the game, the Flagship Studios people, had had more money, the game would rock the world of games as we know it today for ever.

But who says it have not ?
since they did prove that they could make the game, we who loved the game now have a, see this is what we want !

And make no mistake, many player's are looking for a Hellgate London replacement and if you listen, you can hear there hearts shouting, we want more Hellgate London NOW !!!

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